Warm Bodies Review


Warm Bodies is a romantic-comedy, starring British actor Nicholas Hoult and Australian actress Teresa Palmer, and is about a zombie who begins turning back into a human after he falls for a zombie hunter. It was originally a book written by Isaac Marion in early 2010. Jonathan Levine directed the film beginning in 2011. About the whole zombie-romance situation, Levine stated, “I think this movie takes the mythology in a different direction, and I think there is a lot there for die-hard zombie fans.  We’re encouraging people to be open-minded, because it does take some liberties with the mythology, but at the same time, it’s very grounded in the science of zombie-ism and uses that as a springboard for a more fantastical story. It may be divisive, but I think there’s a lot there for zombie fans if they’re open-minded to a new take on it, and I hope they can.”  The soundtrack for this movie features songs sold on records. Some songs include Patience by Guns N’ Roses, Hungry Heart by Bruce Springsteen, and Shelter from the Storm by Bob Dylan.

R the zombie (Nicholas Hoult) has not been enjoying his time being undead. He can’t sleep, feel, and he had lost all of his memories. When a zombie hunting group comes out, R experiences love at first sight for one of the hunters, Julie (Teresa Palmer). He had eaten her boyfriend’s brain, acquiring all of his memories with her. R saves Julie from the rest of his zombie friends and takes her back to live with him. While spending time with Julie and trying to keep her safe from the zombies and bonies, who have a craving for anything with a heart beat, he finds himself loving her more and more.

This movie definitely has an  interesting twist on Romeo and Juliet, and in my opinion, it was great. Hoult and Palmer did an amazing acting job in this movie (and a fantastic job on their American accents, too). If you enjoy horror stories, I would recommend this. But it’s not only for romance; this movie has some violent scenes that give the romantic plot some funny twists will leave you wanting a sequel!