Invisible Message on Child Abuse Poster

Source: Grey Spain


Tiara Chakkaw, Associate Editor - Features and Extras

As part of an anti-child abuse campaign, children are able to seek help through a “secret” message on posters. Anar Foundation, a Spanish organization, has developed new advertisements with lenticular printing, a technique that provides a hologram effect.  This allows only children 4’5 and below to see the full message and hotline phone number.

Anar Foundation has explained that children who are victims would be unwilling to call the hotline number if the adults could also see the information. The adults would sway the victims’ decision, further threatening to harm them if they sought help. With the “invisible” message, children can feel more at ease to pick up the phone and call.

Lenticular printing produces images with the illusion of depth, and also provides the ability to change or move the image as it is viewed from different angles. This concept has most popularly been used on “animated” stickers that provide the hologram effect, but now this technique is being put to use through these posters, allowing abused children to have a voice.