T-Mobile Takeover

Sprobile? T-Sprint? Either way, two megacorporations have collided into one massive service provider.

Allyssa Gauer, Columnist

The world’s internet has a vast variety of companies, some associating with WiFi and simply general connection, and all are competing for the top. Some of them display this more publicly than others, and some do so secretively. What took society by surprise was two worldwide rival companies, T-Mobile and Sprint, merging together to create one almighty technological organization. This combined team has grand plans to takeover the WiFi world and become number one in the service providing business.

There were multiple reasons that pushed T-Mobile and Sprint to attempt the combination of the companies, including the need for resources to progress and improve personal technology. BBC states that without the tools provided by T-Mobile, Sprint wouldn’t have been able to advance. This situation would have led to them spiralling downwards. So, luckily for Sprint, they now have all the requirements to improve upon their service. One of these advancements has customers sitting on the edge of their chair: the 5G (fifth generation) upgrade in mobile data.

Together, T-Mobile and Sprint will invest in this new program called 5G that is assumed to boost the speed of your internet and downloads on smartphones or any other technological device, including self driving cars, as explained in The Washington Post. However, to successfully work, 5G requires an extremely large amount of money, something that the companies couldn’t afford alone, and therefore was part of the reason for the merge, as said in the Washington Post. It won’t be easy, but the two organizations are determined.

With Sprint and T-Mobile combined, together they take second place for the most customers. According to Washington Post, Verizon is barely in the lead with approximately 116 million users, with the new T-Mobile-and-Sprint duo at almost 98 million users, and AT&T close behind with 93 million users. The two companies combined will invest $40 billion towards this 5G program, according to The Washington Post. The hope of this new fame is to continue expanding and improving, as with the majority of companies.

The united groups will keep the title of T-Mobile, but the rest is unclear. The Washington Post implies that there were rumors of AT&T trying to merge with T-Mobile, but were obviously unsuccessful, and T-Mobile accepted Sprint’s offer instead. The joining of the associations cost around $26 billion, and was announced last Sunday, April 29, 2018.

The impact on users won’t be incredibly noticeable. In fact, there are only a few things that will affect the customers that were caused by the change. The Washington Post explains that executive John Legere hinted that the cost of the wireless connection would decrease. With this, they can also cover more space and spread their word across the globe. The area that was originally T-Mobile’s is now shared with Sprint, and vise-versa. This give total the organizations access to the other companies customers and the area in which they are located.

Users can predict great things from the newly-joined associations. The future holds many advancements and opportunities for change, and T-Mobile seized that opportunity on the day of April 29, 2018. This day will certainly be recognized and known as the day that Sprint and T-Mobile became one.