No Matter the Distance

Clarissa Smith, Columnist

When you have friends at school or from activities you regularly participate in, it’s not so difficult to maintain a relationship. This especially goes for family members, since you both live in the same house; but, if someone moved away, it would be a different story. To maintain these long-distance relationships, you should set aside time to contact them, whether it be electronically or via letters. You should also try to find out when they will be visiting and try to arrange a time to meet up. Though it will still be hard to not see or talk to them as often, there are still ways to keep up that connection.

Although it may not be the same as being with a friend or family member, you’re still able to communicate with them. Writing letters is a simple way to have a more personalized conversation, even if you both are texting while the letter is off in the world. If you have an iPhone, you could use FaceTime, so you can talk directly to the person and see their expressions. There is also an app called Houseparty that allows multiple people to video chat. Other video chatting apps and websites, like Skype or Discord, can allow you to see your friend or family member. And, if you cross national borders, apps like Snapchat or Whatsapp allow you to text without paying much.

If your friend or family member is visiting, make the best out of it by setting aside plenty of time to be around them. It’s better to maximize your time with them until they take their leave. If you are visiting a family member or a friend, make every moment worth it. Even if the time zones are different, you should try your best to have as much fun as possible while you’re there. You could watch movies, play games, go to events, see the tourist traps, and see all the secret good stuff only locals know about.

Face-to-face interaction may be limited, but it’s important to not get too hung up about it. It’s better to keep in touch with them rather than to only think about being with them, because it will induce negativity. Often friends or family will make decisions that keep you miles away, but the decision to stay in touch is all your own.