Horizon Honors Soared Throughout the Year: Sports Recap


Photo courtesy of Kelleigh Hogan

In the girls’ soccer game between Valley Christian and Horizon Honors, a defender from Valley Christian faces off against two Horizon Honors athlete. Horizon Honors lost the game by one point.

Kelleigh Hogan, Editor-in-Chief

Horizon Honors showed its school pride through heavy turnout for the games and its strong athletic program through the wide variety of sports available. The fall season featured the girls’ volleyball and cross country teams. During the winter season, the soccer and basketball teams were on display for the entire season. The baseball, softball, golf, track, and a new sport – boys’ volleyball – had their seasons in the spring, ending the year. Horizon Honors had a range of undefeated seasons, high ranking athletes, and much more.

JV Girls’ Volleyball

Kicking off their season with an eight-game winning streak, the junior varsity girls’ volleyball did not disappoint. The talent this team had was unmatched with many of its players talented enough to play on both the varsity and junior varsity teams, or “swing” players. Unfortunately, their streak of winning was broken by Yuma Catholic, however they redeemed themselves in the following game against Parker High School. The girls finished their season with 12 wins total to four losses.

Varsity Girls’ Volleyball

The team’s two months was full of wins from the team’s experience. The talented team were the commotion of fall sports with an undefeated regular season of 17 total games. They made it to the quarterfinals in the AIA Division I Girls’ Volleyball State Tournament.

Cross Country

The cross country consisted of strong runners, who ran three miles during each meet. The season had its challenges and opportunities throughout the season. Mikaela Martin, a track and cross-country athlete, was a strong runner for the team, placing thirteenth in state. Lura Beets, the cross-country coach, helped the team succeed in several meets.

JV Boys’ Basketball

The JV boys’ basketball team commenced with a close loss against Combs High School and a balance of wins and losses for most of the season. The team, however, had a six-game losing streak to conclude their season. The record for the season ended with six wins to 11 losses.

Varsity Boys’ Basketball

Horizon Honors celebrated their homecoming during the varsity boys’ basketball season. Although its season started off with a win against Imagine Preparatory Academy from Coolidge in the Give Thanks Basketball Tournament, it was followed by seven losses interrupted by one win. Overall, the losses outweighed the wins with eight wins to 19 losses.

JV Girls’ Basketball

This JV team had a successful season compared to the other basketball seasons kicking off their season with a eight-game winning streak. Unfortunately, their loss to Cortez then Valley Christian broke their win. Yet, the season was salvaged with a winning record of nine wins to four losses.

Varsity Girls’ Basketball

The varsity team also shared the same victories as the junior varsity team, beginning with four wins. The team participated in various tournaments, including the Desert Classic Girls Basketball and Valley Christian High School Christmas Tournament. They achieved a winning season by a narrow margin with fourteen wins to thirteen losses.

Boys’ Soccer

The boys’ soccer, which consisted of many talented players, showed their skills with three wins in the beginning. However, the team was not without its challenges. For instance, the team played three games in the Arizona Soccer Showcase, all of which losses. The soccer team ended up with nine total wins, five losses, and one tie.

Girls’ Soccer

The girls’ soccer faced their challenges throughout the year against much better teams. The season was primarily alternating losing and winning seasons, yet there was not lengthy winning streaks for the team compared to the long losing streaks. In the end, the team had seven losses with five wins.

Varsity Baseball

Horizon Honors baseball team had a rough beginning to their season with a loss to Chino Valley High School by ten runs. However, the team came together in their next three games with two wins each by at least six runs and a tie. Unfortunately, the team’s season resulted in a nine win and 14 loss record.

Varsity Softball

The softball team, consisting primarily of sophomores, also had a difficult start with four losses, one of which a 21 run loss to Pusch Ridge Christian Academy. Although their season had a losing record of seven wins to 14 losses, the team did have a few narrow victories, including the one against Chino Valley, and several thrilling victories against Sequoia Charter and Gilbert Christian.


Horizon Honors had a victorious golf season with two of the players qualifying for the state competition. Senior Chris Senna and sophomore Dalton Steenson competed at the Foothills Golf Course on April 17. Senna ranked for third overall. Hopes for victories next year will be riding on Steenson, who will be a junior the following year.


The track team, which shared few team victories, had multiple personal accomplishments. Horizon Honors often did not place many of the competitions; unfortunately, the only athlete to score in the Division III meet was senior Mikaela Martin, who will be participating in Biola’s track program. Senior Connor Pendleton will also be a college track competitor at Occidental College in Los Angeles.

Varsity Boys’ Volleyball

The spring season also welcomed a new sport to its athletic program: boys’ volleyball. The varsity team had the challenges that the introduction of a new team to a school faces. Their losing record of 13 losses to three wins did not represent the accomplishments this team made. The varsity boys’ volleyball set the foundation for years to come at Horizon Honors.

JV Boys’ Volleyball

The turnout for boys’ volleyball was so strong that the school decided to create both a varsity and junior varsity team. Unfortunately, their success was similar to the varsity team’s with only three wins out of fourteen games total. Yet, this team also established the future for next year’s varsity and junior varsity team.

Excitement for next year’s teams is building as many students expect a great year for sports with Horizon Honors’ strong athletic program.