Tucker Carlson and Fox News Part Ways after Dominion Lawsuit

Nightly news personality Tucker Carlson parted ways with Fox News on April 24.


Rolling Stone

Carlson’s firing ends a tumultuous relationship with his network.

Canon Grant, Political Analyst

Fox News released a statement saying that they would be parting ways with  Tucker Carlson on Monday, April 24. The firing came after the lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems, the company responsible for America’s election machines, in which Fox News endorsed the claim of election fraud. Carlson was the host of the highly rated “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show on Fox News and was a popular figure among the populist right. The release of Carlson came just hours after fellow news personality Don Lemon was released from CNN, reports the BBC

The Associated Press reported that Fox News paid an $800 million settlement fee to avoid a trial against Dominion. During the trial, communication between Fox News executives and other high-ranking personalities revealed anger and resentment within the ranks of Fox News. The Guardian  reports that Carlson revealed his dislike of former President Donald Trump in a private message within an unknown person. He also revealed anger at Fox executives for calling Arizona for Biden so early on Election Day, which was both correct and angering for many viewers.

The last edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” aired on Friday, April 21, says Fox News. That episode covered the subjects of racist home appraisals, Hunter Biden, Mother’s Day inclusion in cards, immigration, and fentanyl, reports Business Insider. Like usual, Carlson ended with a promise to return the following Monday; unexpectedly, it appears, Carlson was fired the same day and did not, in fact, return.

Carlson leaving Fox has had some mixed reactions. While there had been some outrage, many believed that letting Carlson go had been a long time coming. Deseret News reports that while Carlson gained public favor and Fox stocks fell 5 percent, speculation began that without Fox, Carlson will soon fade into obscurity.

Coming at the same time as the Republican presidential primary race heats up, Carlson’s firing is demonstrative of a wider fracturing of the mainstream right. Carlson’s future, and that of Fox News, remains unknown.