Cats Beat Eagles At Pecos

On Thursday, 15 Jan., Horizon Honors’ girls’ soccer team set out to defeat Saguaro, taking home a defeat.

Selina Fluty, Editor of Student Opinion

Horizon Honors’ students compete in another game on the field against Saguaro High on 15 Jan. at 4 p.m. The girls warmed up under a sunny sky, and a small crowd was excited to watch the game.

Finally, the two teams faced off, and Saguaro got possession of the ball. There was a quick moment of teams fighting for possession of the ball, and after a little while, Saguaro scored a goal. Horizon Honors was not discouraged and kept playing.

Then, for several minutes, it was simply passing back and forth, outs here and there, shouts from the crowd and coaches, and the ball flying through the air. The teammates also shouted to each other, although, not often. A few minutes before the end of the first half, one of our girls scored a goal, raising a cheer from the crowd.

The whistle sounded, and the girls regrouped, getting water and talking to each other for a bit. The score was a tie, one-to-one. Coach Andrews filled in the team on how to improve on their skills. The girls were determined to keep this from a tie.

The referee sounded the whistle again, the girls gave one more cheer, and they were off. However, this time, they didn’t really have their mojo. They played well, but the opposing team scored again. Eventually, the shadows lengthened, and the game wrapped up.

After the hour was up, Saguaro ended up winning the game with a score of one-to-two. Hannah Hamby, junior, believes they could have done better. Mr. Andrews feels the same, but he’s confident that they’ll do great next game.


“They always bounce back,” he says, watching the girls cool down. “They’re Horizon girls.”