Swooping Through the Season with MS Softball

Savannah Selin, Columnist

The middle school softball team had an amazing season, taking home the championship title. They went through the season showing great sportsmanship, teamwork, and passion for the sport. The team took in some players that have never played before, but they really came through for the team and became the best players they could.

The Horizon Sun: What was your favorite part of the season?

Jessica Leake, eighth grade: Being with the team was really nice and fun because all the girls were pretty cool and we got really close.

Faith Pellegrino, seventh grade: Definitely winning the championships and really being able to pull through and beat Fountain Hills.

Isabella Depremo, seventh grade: Being a good team and everybody getting along and all working together to win.

Brianna Reinhart, eighth grade: Getting to know everyone and playing together and winning.

Sasha Wells, seventh grade: Winning.

The Sun: How do you think your season went?

JL: We actually did really good and ended up beating our first and only loss, Fountain Hills.

FP: I have never played softball, so being able to grow as a player and learning all the new skills really made doing this worth while.

ID: I’ve played softball for a while and I came to this team and learned more and better stuff. [The team helped me a lot].

BR: I think we did really good.

SW: In the end, we got a lot better with our hitting.

The Sun: What was the most exciting part of your season?

JL: Probably winning the championships and everyone was freaking out and going crazy because we beat the team that we lost to [earlier in the season].

FP: Totally winning the championship; we were completely mindblown and it was amazing.

ID: Winning the championships.

BR: Beating Fountain Hills.

SW: Beating Fountain Hills was amazing.

The softball team had a pretty phenomenal season, with only one loss. This ended with them defeating the team they lost to, as well as winning the championships. Some of these girls went from never playing softball before to winning the championships, and as a team and a school, that’s absolutely sensational.