Folding and Flowers: Kusadama Flower

Flowers are gorgeous, but the fresh kind aren’t as everlasting as we wish and the fake kind are, well, fake. This kusadama flower is perfect, because it’s handmade while still being beautiful.


Photo Courtesy of Kelleigh Hogan

Forget photosynthesis, water, soil, and sunlight; constant folding makes flowers of the best kind: kusadama flowers.

Kelleigh Hogan, Editor-in-Chief

Summer is full of vivid colors and references to the great outdoors, and this kusadama flower is the personification of that. It uses brightly colored Post-it notes and a lot of folding to create a flower that can be used as an ornament, paperweight, or even expanded to create something better.


  • 60 Post-it notes
  • Hot glue gun


Start with a single Post-it note, and fold it in half. You should have a triangle.


Fold both corners of the Post-it note in; they should meet at the top corner of the Post-it note.


Fold the two triangles that make up the square so that the outer edge of the triangle meets with the other outer edge.


Take the two triangles you just formed and separate the two edges for each, forming diamond-like shapes.


Fold the top part of diamond, so it is level with the edge of the paper and make sure that triangles folded in are between the top and bottom layers.


Fold the two triangles on the outer edges in half.


Hot glue the two edges of the triangles together, forming a petal for your flower.


Repeat the above steps to make a petal four more times.


Glue the outer edges of the petals together, making a single flower.

You can repeat these steps to make a flower eleven more times and create a kusadama flower bouquet that is gorgeous. Start with one flower, and begin gluing five other flowers on the five petals of that flower. Glue the touching edges between flowers together. This will create one half. Repeat the previous step to create the other half, and glue the two halves together, forming a new flower.