Mrs. Patterson Wins Surprise Award

Kathleen Patterson, master teacher, won the 2016 Flinn Distinguished Educators award at the Flinn Scholars Recognition Dinner.


Mrs. Patterson is a master teacher who has contributed to Horizon Community Learning Center for many years.

Caroline Lilleoer, Columnist

On May 1, Flinn Scholarship recipient and Horizon Honors’ senior Kara Dunn attended the Flinn Scholars Recognition Dinner. She took master teacher Kathleen Patterson as her guest, where she then was awarded the 2016 Flinn Distinguished Educators Award.

The Horizon Sun: What does your job include?

Kathleen Patterson: “My main responsibilities is to facilitate professional development with teachers. I help teach teachers different strategies and methods of instruction. I also evaluate teachers and through that talk about areas of strength as well as areas to improve. Besides this, I have also had the pleasure of teaching a section of math this year.”

The Sun: How many years have you been at Horizon Honors?

KP: “This is my eighteenth year, so I have been here since 1998.”

The Sun: What is it that makes you passionate about your job?

KP: ““There are so many things. I am passionate about helping students, teaching math, the philosophy and vision of Horizon Honors. I am also passionate about coming to work in a job that I enjoy, because I enjoy what I do and who I work with every day.”

The Sun: How do you try to help the students at Horizon Honors ?

KP: “Some of it is content wise. For example, in the classroom, I try to help students increase their confidence. That is when they feel when they understand the material more. Increasing confidence is a huge thing, but that also spreads out to out of the subject area. Even though I teach math I hope that I am helping the students gain confidence in how they live their lives daily.”

The Sun: Were you honored to receive a 2016 Flinn Distinguished Educators award?

KP: “Absolutely. This is my 18th year here, my 32nd year of teaching, and this definitely was a highlight. The honor of being recognized like this from a student means the world to me. As a teacher, you hope to make an impact on students. When they share their appreciation, that just means so much. I encourage all students to make sure that they show that they appreciate the adults in their lives.”

The Sun: How does it make you feel that you have made such an impact on a student?

KP: “I feel grateful for the opportunity to do that. So many students here at Horizon Honors are going to go outside of this school when they graduate, and just impact the world in such a positive way. The opportunity I have got to be a piece of their education is really a tremendous blessing.”

The Sun: Do students influence you to do a better job?

KP: “Yes, every day. Students learn me how to interact with students in a more effective way. They also help me learn something new every day, and it is because of students. I learned to be humble, because no matter how much I prepare there is always something I can improve in.”

Congratulations to Mrs. Patterson on her hard work and award!