Student Spotlights: Girls’ Varsity Volleyball Seniors

Horizon Honors’ gym filled on Tuesday, Oct. 25, to celebrate the girls’ volleyball varsity seniors and to cheer on the team for their last home game before they leave for state.


Haylee Haupt, Columnist

Tension rose during the game on Tuesday, Oct. 25, against Chandler Prep due to it being senior night and the last home game for the varsity team, but the girls managed to not let that distract them and won 3-0. I asked each adrenaline-filled senior their thoughts for the night right after the game, and I could see how proud they were of themselves and their team in every word they spoke.

Giuliana Castronova, #1: “There was a lot of pressure to do well and it was really stressful because it was senior night, but I feel like we really showed up and played our hardest and played together, which is something I’m very proud about. I’m happy for my team, and I feel so blessed to be captain.”

Alexa Smythe, #7: “I think it was a really good way to end the season, and we’ve been very successful this season. I think the difference between this year and previous years was that we played as a team throughout the whole season and played off each other’s strengths. It feels really good to end my volleyball career at Horizon.”

Michelle Ogle, #15: “I think our game went really well tonight and we worked really well together as a team. We never gave up and kept fighting.”

Bailee Stratton, #16: “I’m really excited that we won this game against Chandler Prep, and I’m so happy to play with the girls I’ve played with.”

Kelly Urbina, #17: “I think we did a really good job and we worked well together.”

Alexis Gomes, #23: “I’m going to miss this more than anything.”

You can see these seniors and the rest of the amazing team compete at state starting Friday, Nov. 4, at Central High School.