God’s Not Dead

The movie God’s Not Dead was incredibly moving and inspiring; its message can be shared with anyone.

Maggie Kenzler, Columnist

“God’s Not Dead,” a must see motivational movie that was shown in theaters during March, shows that there are many people in this world who have different beliefs, but there is only one truth. Shane Harper plays Josh Wheaton, a Christian college student who makes an impact in society, by believing and telling people that God is not dead.

In the beginning of the movie, the person checking Josh Wheaton in for his college class notices that he is wearing a cross necklace. He warns him to not take the philosophy class, but Josh takes it anyway, because he does not want any confusion to occur within his schedule. The class is taught by an atheist, Professor Radisson (Kevin Sorbo). He forces the students to write the statement, “God is dead” on a blank piece of paper. When Wheaton sees all the students writing this, he is in shock and does not write. Josh tells Professor Radisson he is a Christian, and cannot do what he says. Finding himself in a junction, Wheaton decides to face the challenge against the atheist and teach others to learn and know that God is alive. Josh is told that if he fails at this assignment, he will fail the entire course. Facing a variety of difficulties, he succeeds and accomplishes his task in hand by helping his peers understand and know that God is not dead. The motivational and inspirational part of this movie is seeing how strong and consistent Josh’s faith is throughout the entire film.

In this movie, the acting was decent; it could have been improved though. Although during the intense parts between Josh and Professor Radisson, they maintain a consistent attitude and notion. They both fight for what they believe. I was confused in some parts in the movie so maybe those parts could have been cleared up more. This film was specifically created for non-Christians to see, because of the content that it holds. So it certainly is open to all audiences, because the theme in this movie is a cliff hanger. When people are left with something that needs to be found out, they will go see it. Seeing this movie will not be a mistake, that is for sure. I believe it can help people if they question beliefs.