Wirework Bracelets

Kelleigh Hogan, Editor-in-Chief

Instead of the cheap-looking bracelets with letter beads strung on a piece of elastic, why don’t you give your mom, aunt, cousin, or friend an elegant bracelet made of intricate metal spirals and lovely beads? This project may look and seem impossible, but it only takes several simple steps to create this bracelet.


wire that can be bent but holds its’ shape

wire cutters

small pliers

beads, any color or shape


Cut the wire. The length depends on the amount of beads you use, the size of the spiral, and the amounts of curves in the spiral. The amount that worked well for me was about two inches.

Using the pliers, create a small loop that will attach the different spirals. You do not need to get the specific shape for the final bracelet, since you will have to open it to attach the spiral together.

String the different beads on to the wire. After that, sharply bend the wire, so the beads do not move around. Careful, however, since the wire could break.

At this point, you are ready to make your spiral on your link, in which there is two ways to do this. First, you could start the innermost part of the spiral and work outward. Just bend the wire into curves. Instead, you could work from the outside to the center, which is what I normally do. If you discover that your wire is too long, cut it.

After making another link, you will begin to connect the two together to one another. Using the pliers, slightly open the loop you made in the beginning. Then, connect the loop and spiral. For best results, you want to put it on the outermost wire. Finally, close the loop. Repeat the process of making loops and attaching them until you have a long enough bracelet. For me, my bracelet was five links and pretty loose.

Lastly, you will add the clasp and create the small hoop. Open the loop that isn’t attached to a spiral and string on the clasp, and then close the loop. Using pliers, make a small circle of wire and attach to spiral at the other end. Check all the loops to make sure everything is securely attached.