True Confessions Of A HS Travel Club

High school travel club visited Europe this past spring break. Now they’re back, and they have quite a few stories to tell.

Danielle Moran, Columnist

If you ask almost any student, chances are they love spring break. No waking up early just to barely make it to school on time, no awkward silences when the teacher asks a question no one knows the answer to, and you get to chew gum all day. Woah. If you ask any Horizonite, chances are they really love spring break, probably because it’s a whole week longer than most schools’. And if you ask any Horizonite that also happens to be a member of the high school Travel Club, chances are spring break is their most favorite break of all.

Every year, the Horizon Honors’ high school Travel Club takes a ten-day trip to Europe over spring break. This year, the students had the opportunity to visit Switzerland and Italy from Sunday, Mar. 15, to Tuesday, Mar. 24, where they road gondolas in the Venice canals, ate gelato in the streets of Florence, felt on top of the world among the Swiss Alps, and so much more! Below, the participants and their teacher chaperones, Kelly Raymond and Janet McKinney, share their own experiences and pictures from their adventure through Europe.