Christmas may seem like the perfect time to get a puppy, but any pending puppy owner should be aware of the pros and cons of owning one.

Xander Sharpe, Columnist

When people talk about dogs, they almost always talk about puppies. Puppyhood is an essential stage of a dog’s life and one of the most adorable, making their popularity as Christmas gifts skyrocket. Many children request puppies on their Christmas lists, but they and their parents often don’t seem to be aware of the consequences, both positive and negative, that come with.

Puppies need a lot of training to do many different things such, as to not urinate in the house, be obedient, and even learn something as simple as their name. Some people may not know how to train their dog to do these things. If you don’t teach puppies these things, then they can lead to a lot of stress and hard work in your life. If you don’t know how to train a dog, then you could take your dog to a training class, but that can be pretty pricey.

Puppies can also take a huge chunk of money out of your life as well. They constantly need toys, shots, and regular vet visits, since their immune systems are less developed. The toys help keep the puppy occupied and to not chew on other things such as shoes or pillows. The puppy itself will likely be expensive in itself, prices usually going up to $500, but it also depends on the breed of dog you want.

Most people want to take nice and relaxing vacations throughout the year, but with a puppy you have to make a some special arrangements to do that. You can’t just bring your puppy with you on vacation unless you plan on driving to your destination or paying extra fees to have them on the plane. Even if you do choose either option,  you must also be sure to look for a dog-friendly hotel. If one is not available you can either have someone dogsit at your or their house or you can board your dog.

There are a lot of good things about puppies too, though. They can improve your health and often make you particularly happy. According to the American Heart Association, puppies could actually lower your risk of getting cardiovascular disease. Puppies also need to be taken on walks regularly and by doing this, you can get a decent amount of daily exercise, which is a bonus because it keeps your puppy healthy. According to PubMed, puppies and dogs can even benefit the health of your immune system.

Puppies also help with social interactions, stress, and happiness. Puppies and dogs need to socialize with other dogs, so by taking them to a dog park or just taking them for a walk, there’s always a chance you could meet someone and make a new friend. Playing with dogs and puppies also reduces the amount of stress you can have according to Hypertension. They can also increase your happiness just by you playing with them for about 15 minutes as claimed by BarkPost. This proves that puppies and dogs are a great pet to have in your life and can be worth all the hard work, but it’s extremely important to consider the repercussions, especially if making a quick decision during the holiday season.