Music Statistics at Horizon Honors

What music does everyone like?

Julia Tucker, Columnist

As you can see, there are a lot of different opinions on music. I love country and pop music, but everyone is different. I asked students around the school what their opinions on music are and how it makes them feel. I talked to Isabel Kasathsko, an eighth grader, and she said that it’s a way to unwind and block out the world. It makes her happy. I also asked Bryce Tucker, a 10th grader, and he said that it is fun to listen to, and he enjoys listening to it while doing other activities. Many other students talked about the same thing. They said that music is sort of an escape from the world, helps them focus, and fills the quiet time. Horizon Honors offers chorus and band as electives so students can learn music. In these classes you learn music theory and how to read and make music. This may help students realize their love for music, and even consider it as a career. If it weren’t for classes like these, artists might not realize their talents, and there may not be any music to listen to. As my aunt says, “Music is a gateway to the soul. Experience it, enjoy it, and be thankful.”