How Many Texts Are Too Many?

Most people find texting an easy way to communicate, but how many texts seem too clingy?

Texting may be an easy method of communication, but getting too many can be stressful.

Texting may be an easy method of communication, but getting too many can be stressful.

Nessah Wendt, Columnist

Texting is a great way to contact friends and family but sometimes it’s easy to get carried away with how many texts you keep sending. Odyssey says that it is easy to get carried away when messaging someone, but you should always try to think of the person receiving the texts. It isn’t always convenient to look at your phone and see lots of missed text. So even though it could be fun or helpful for you to send a bunch of messages, the person receiving all of them probably won’t agree. I asked some students at Horizon Honors about how many texts they send and receive on a typical day. Here are some responses.

  • Zane Khogyani, 8th grade, said, “In messages I get around 10-30 but on Discord, I get around 100 to 150.” And sends “Around 50? Maybe up to 100 or more.”
  • Allister McLeod, 10th grade, said, “Anywhere from 50 to 100, mostly from group chats.”
  • Julia Tucker, 8th grade, says she receives 1-2 thousand a day, and sends about 15.
  • Carsten Oyer, 9th grade, says he received about 50 texts a day.
  • Kathryn Rosing, 7th grade, says she receives 50ish, 20 at the lowest, maybe 200 at the highest in a day and about 20 total in a day. She also said she sends around two, no more than five to one person at a time.
  • Mateo Tagle, 7th grade, says he receives around 25  and sends about 20.
  • Kalyn McLeod, 8th grade, says she receives 150 and sends about 20.

I also asked them about how many texts seemed like too many to get.

  • Zane Khogyani, 8th grade, said around 500.
  • Allister McLeod, 10th grade, said “From an individual person, I’d say 20 is a little much, though it depends on the context.”
  • Julia Tucker, 8th grade, said around 30.
  • Carsten Oyer, 9th grade, said around 150.
  • Kathryn Rosing, 7th grade, said “maybe like 500 or something”.
  • Mateo Tagle, 7th grade, said over 100.
  • Kalyn McLeod, 8th grade, said about ten.

Overall, texting is a fast and useful way to communicate but can easily become overwhelming. If you ever feel you are spamming your friend or family, you probably are. Even if you are ok with receiving lots of text messages, be mindful of people who aren’t. If someone is always sending a bunch of texts, reach out and let them know what you’re comfortable with.