The Geographical Conspiracy

Over the course of human history, people and governments have been documenting parts of the world to piece together Earth, the place we call home. But something as small as a simple blob called Australia, and as big as the whole Earth has caused thousands to question the world we live in.

The Earth has several odd conspiracies surrounding it.

Brandon Dosen

The Earth has several odd conspiracies surrounding it.

Brandon Dosen, Columnist

Everyone has heard of it. The Earth is flat, and don’t even get me started on Australia. The world nowadays is full of fake news. You never know who you can trust. People see things on their social media or satirical websites and believe that it is true. However, many people choose to dismiss the conspiracy before knowing what it entails or its evidence.

Earth holds a mass conspiracy. To some, our world is a flat, frisbee-shaped place to live. They believe it is much more reasonable to accept the Earth is flat than what most believe in. It makes much more sense than a bunch of floating rocks where people can be upside down in respect to others. One major reason flat-Earthers use to make their argument is the ocean. If the world was round, it would have to mean the water curves, which just does not work. Water is always level and does not bend to what is underneath it. I mean, it’s not like gravity pulls it towards the center in a circle-like fashion. That would be completely absurd. If you still don’t see the truth, this will get you. What many people now think is that when reaching the end of the world, you become Pacman and get to teleport all the way to the other side of the world. Who knew teleporting was that simple?

Australia is a conspiracy. It’s all just a lie. According to believers in this conspiracy, everyone that is so-called “from” Australia are just paid actors. Paid by whom? The British, obviously. For nearly five decades, the British sent over their prisoners to the island called Australia. Or did they? In fact, as the conspiracy goes, they used it as a coverup for mass murder according to Metro News. Instead of sending them anywhere, they would slaughter them and make up some island to “imprison” them. Despite being one of the largest nations in the world, the cover continues to this day. They use paid actors and media in order to influence the permanence that is Australia. In fact, they even got writers to write history for the “country.” One example of a sort of biography for the island is the book “A Is For Australia.” The government used books like these to give us a real-world experience into being Australian. Meanwhile, they also created media like “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” to boast about just how good the country really was. As you can tell, they put a lot of time and resources into the lie that is Australia, even by paying the best of the best.

Regardless, none of these truths could have been hidden from us if it were not for the men and women who run our countries covering it up. And that is the factual truth. The government is hiding things from us so that we become obedient and stupid. Meanwhile, the government is getting smarter. They use the media to influence a belief. This leads to more conspiracies as well. Aliens being hidden from us in Area 51, the faked Moon landing, Illuminati, and much, much more have been government cover ups that continue to be revealed to the public.