Benefits of Different Foods

A lot of foods have various benefits while others have terrible side effects. Besides oranges having vitamin C and carrots helping your eyesight, what other foods have health advantages?

Many foods, both common and uncommon, have significant health benefits.


Many foods, both common and uncommon, have significant health benefits.

Grace Freed, Columnist


Almonds have many benefits, such as containing copper, vitamin E, magnesium, healthy fatty acids, and protein. Likewise, they even help reduce the chances of receiving cancer, as Medical News Today states, as well as preventing cardiovascular diseases.


Ever hear the saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Well this isn’t all wrong, because, according to Medical News Today, apples contain a healthy amount of natural antioxidants, and can potentially prevent dementia and risk of strokes, as well as diabetes. To keep apples in your diet, they can be paired with peanut butter or nutella. Apples can also be incorporated into cookies and many other desserts like pies and cakes.


Asparagus actually helps prevent diabetes, kidney stones, extremes in blood pressure, balances fluids, and influences edema. It has vitamin B6 and is very vitamin and fiber filled.


Beetroot is actually shown to improve athletic performance and lower blood pressure, as well as increasing blood flow, as Medical News Today states. This is because of beetroot’s nitrates that increase nitric oxide and prevent various heart problems.


Basil has plenty of vitamin A, K, and C, along with loads of magnesium, iron, potassium, and calcium. Some studies show that basil also reduces inflammation and swelling. It can prevent the effects of aging, such as wrinkles and back pain. As a bonus, “it can even treat inflammatory bowel diseases.”


Chocolate is not only delicious but is very rich in antioxidants. All chocolate is beneficial but dark chocolate has the best and most amount of health benefits. It reduces risk of cognitive decline, cardiovascular issues and lowering cholesterol levels.


Surprisingly, coffee is one of the many foods that provide loads of great health benefits. In the case of coffee, those include preventing diabetes, lowering cancer risk, preventing liver disease, and promoting great heart health, as stated by Jama Network. It is also one of the main sources of antioxidants present in the U.S.


Honey, shown by many studies, can prevent GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease),  according to BMJ. Honey can also shorten the chance of getting bacterial diarrhea and can help heal many burns, stop seasonal allergies, and fight off infections.


Milk is a great source of calcium. It strengthens bones and teeth. It helps blood clotting, wounds, and maintaining a normal blood-pressure, too. Additionally, it has vitamins D, B-6, B-12, A, and provides magnesium.


Pumpkins are very nutritious and have many vitamins and minerals. “Pumpkin supports heart health, eye health, promoting fertility, and giving immunity a boost.”


Carrots don’t simply restore vision, but they can destroy leukemia cells and stop the cells’ progression. They can also prevent lung cancer and provide lots of vitamin A (210 percent of what adults need).

Many foods we all eat every day have many more benefits that we tend to overlook. From preventing diseases and cancer to providing essential vitamins, some of the most basic foods are much more beneficial than they seem. Now knowing the benefits of these foods, go ahead and cook a meal with them!