The Revolution of #RedforEd

The purpose of Red for Ed is to change the future generation for the better.

Red for Ed is a movement that seeks to improve education systems.


Red for Ed is a movement that seeks to improve education systems.

Melissa Sayadinejad, Columnist

An organization, called Red for Ed, is dedicated to giving Arizona’s children the schools that they deserve. This movement includes educators, community leaders, principals, superintendents, school board members, and parents, states the Arizona Education Association. Teachers are protesting because of funding cuts, crowded classes, and outdated materials. Thousands of teachers and students have gained power as a result of the protests, which have also revitalized teachers unions and significantly changed public perceptions of the problems in our education system. According to Capital Research, the Red for Ed organization has been ongoing since 2012.

Particularly in Colorado and Arizona, where complaints about teacher pay have sparked strikes, walkouts, and demonstrations, advocates have adopted the hashtag #RedforEd. Education Week explains that with bright red shirts and signs outlining their appeals, thousands of them have gathered outside of schools, in town squares, and at state capitols. The aim is to secure better funding for schools and student wellbeing.

Simply put, teachers want an improved atmosphere for themselves and their students. They want to be handled fairly and given the tools and ability to support education. In Arizona, the 2018 strikes were a protest primarily directed at the public education system; while the protests have largely been concentrated during that time frame, they have persisted and will likely continue to occur.

Teachers merely desire that the school system treats them with the same respect that is shown throughout the classroom every day. Red for Ed asks that they receive higher pay and have access to improved learning resources. Teachers put in a tremendous amount of effort, persistence, and patience;  in return, they ask for the same amount of effort.