Dogs vs. Anxiety

It’s common for dogs to have anxiety, with separation anxiety being the most frequent.

Dogs require mental health attention, too.

Dutch Pet

Dogs require mental health attention, too.

Sarah Kerr, Columnist

Many owners worry about leaving their pet at home, but that anxiety can go both ways. Just like humans, there are different types of anxiety that a dog can have, the most common being separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is where a dog has a hard time when their owner is not in sight. The way that a dog thinks is very different from us humans, meaning they experience anxiety in ways that may seem foreign to us. Many dogs out there have anxiety and it is hard for them to deal with it. Having a dog that either has general anxiety or separation anxiety can be incredibly hard for both the owners and animals.

There is a show on Disney+ called “Vets on the Beach” that is based in Australia with two seasons. In several episodes, there are dogs from all over the world that come into the show’s clinic because their owners don’t know how to deal with their dog having anxiety. Other canines on the show can’t function without their owners. Whenever their owners are away or out of sight, the dog becomes worried that they are all alone and there is no one to take care of them. “Vets on the Beach ” urges owners to decrease the stress level of their pets through food puzzles with their favorite food and teaching them to relax. For example, food bowls, snuffle mats, and treat sources are good examples to decrease anxiety.

Just like people, our furry friends can also struggle with anxiety. By learning about how it affects our dogs and how to help, pet owners can come a step closer to having a happier, better-off dog.