Sick At School?

Sometimes it feels like the world, and school, needs to stop when we get sick, here are some ways to make it work when it can’t.

Cooper Brown, Columnist

A lot of us have been feeling the cold and flu season that took somewhat of a toll this winter and seems to be lingering around to ruin our spring. Being sick with a cold does not mix well with school, as many of us know. Some of our colds are serious enough that we may consider staying home. However, a majority of students continue to go to school, carrying their illness with them. Every day more and more kids are bringing their illness to a densely-populated building and are kind enough to share their germs with everyone. How thoughtful.

You have a couple of choices of how to deal with your cold. Staying home and taking care of yourself is probably the best option. Nyquil, Chicken Noodle, and a dark room is an ancient, powerful remedy, folks. But some students are concerned with missing assignments, tests, and other things they would eventually have to make up. So, out of respect for perfect attendance and due dates, students will make the courageous decision to attend school. Thanks for the swine flu, bud, I appreciate it.

If you care so much about getting your assignments done and not missing work, hop on a computer and take 15 minutes to email your teachers. Ask them what you’re going to miss, and if you missed a test, set a time and place to make it up. It’s either this or risk infecting your peers at school. In all honesty, it seems extremely selfish and irresponsible to come to school sick. I can’t think of a place more likely to spread disease. We keep this up and Horizon Honors is going to look like a scene from “The Walking Dead.”

Therefore, if you absolutely have to come to school, take care of yourself and prevent spreading germs to those around you. Blow your nose frequently, and then sanitize, dude. Wash your hands in between classes and cover your coughs. Keep in mind that once you put your cold out into the school, and people keep bringing it back time and time again, there is no end in sight to the problem and we will be forever locked in a perpetual flu season.