Perusing Politics

As young as some teens may be, social issues are just as important to their future as they are to an adult.

Zoe Slagel, Columnist

We all know about the commercials on TV: the boasting and praising of certain politicians while hatefully discriminating against the others and the eternal paradox of questions that comes with it. Most people, including teens, wonder if they should be involved with politics or even care about them. Some people just dismiss these commercials while others are left with those thoughts.

As you grow older, politics can seem confusing and as young as some of us may be, teens should care about social issues. Politics is a confusing subject and as teens, the sooner we start to think about social issues, the better. The future of our country is entangled with politics. I can understand that most of us can’t vote yet, so we don’t get to give much of an opinion on politics. Though, turning away from politics isn’t a very good choice. If we don’t know much about politics, we will be awfully confused on who to vote for when we turn 18.

When teens form a political opinion early on, it can be from anything ranging from dinner conversations or making a comment at one of their classes at school. Before forming an opinion, you should know the basics of politics. Politics decides “who gets what, when, and how” says Harold Laswell, a well-known political scientist. To put it in my own words, politics decide who gets power over other civilians. The government we have now was picked out by the generations before us but now it’s time for our generation to get a head start on.

Forming an opinion can be hard and you may find it nerve-racking at all the accusations pointed to other candidates and the praising of others. When starting an opinion, it helps sometimes to go to an adult figure to ask questions or to start looking at the people who will represent your state. Remember, everyone has a different viewpoint than what you may form. Don’t let everything they say sway you into their view. The adult figure will most likely be on a specific party and their opinion may be based on lies told by the competitors.