JV Girls Play Tough Game on Homecoming

JV girls played their best against Tempe Preparatory Academy for their homecoming game on Friday, January 27, 2017.


JV girls lost their game, despite impressive playing.

Hannah Browning, Campus Life Editor

The JV girls’ basketball played against the Tempe Preparatory Academy Knights on Friday. Despite impressive offense and defense from all the players, the Eagles still fell short and lost with a score of 17 to 31.

The game started off close, with both the Knights and the Eagles scoring. Sophomore Rebecca Knight was fouled on twice and managed to score two free throws for the Eagles. Junior Alex Munsell also scored two points, bringing the score at the end of the first quarter to a tie of 4 to 4.

Tension rose as the second quarter started off with a tied score. The Knights managed to score multiple times, despite outstanding defense from sophomore Kendra Fuller. Knight also scored, but not enough to catch up to the Knights, and the second quarter ended with a score of 8 to 16.

During the third quarter, everybody was hoping for the Eagles to make a comeback. Both the offense and defense were amazing. The Knights scored one free throw. Sophomore Stephanie Clark and Munsell each scored points for the Eagles, and by the end of the third quarter they had almost caught up to the Knights with a score of 16 to 19.

Everybody was on the edge of their seats during the fourth quarter to see if the Eagles could win, but the Knights scored heavily in the final quarter and the Eagles could not come back. At the end, the Knights were in possession of the ball and ran out the clock. The Eagles lost with a score of 17 to 31.

The Eagles definitely still played outstandingly. As Knight said, “I think we did some good things, but we did a lot of bad things, and I think that we could’ve done way better, and the communication with scorekeepers and us weren’t really good, but overall I think we did pretty good.” Their next and last game is on Tuesday, January 31, 2017.