Triumphant Win Against Tempe Prep on Homecoming Night

Horizon Honors’ varsity girls’ basketball won against Tempe Prep 41-34 on homecoming night.

Ethan Hulburt, Columnist

Both teams played hard to bring home a win, but Horizon Honors put in an outstanding effort both offensively and defensively to emerge victorious with a score of 41-34.

In the first seconds of the game, Tempe Prep turned the ball over to the Eagles, which lead to a three-point shot by sophomore Pilar Rivera. Although there were several missed shots afterward, Horizon Honors was able to make up for it in free throws and aggressive defense.

By the second quarter, they upped their defense, putting pressure on the other team. Despite the pressure, both teams continued to play well and compete against each other. By the end of the second quarter, Horizon Honors were leading 17-16.

After halftime, Rivera scored two three-point shots in a row along with junior Kenzie Knippers scoring from downtown. The Eagles limited their turnovers and dominated defensive plays in the paint. Horizon Honors’ possession of the ball slowed down as unnecessary turnovers continued to slow the offense, who were still in the lead. However, Tempe Prep got lucky and made some clutch shots.

Later on, in the fourth quarter, there were three three-point shots made by the Eagles in a row that got the whole crowd on their feet. The Eagles started to pick up their offense, driving past defenders to the hoop, and Tempe Prep fouled. That ultimately secured the win for the Eagles on homecoming night. Way to go, Eagles!