Athlete Spotlight: Josh Drapkin

Junior Josh Drapkin anticipates the upcoming soccer season, following his development of his own document about physical education.


Photo Courtesy Of Zach Asato

Junior, Josh Drapkin is currently playing on the Horizon Honors Varsity Soccer Team. He has been playing for Horizon Honors soccer for three years.

Jake Matise, Sports Editor

Josh Drapkin, a junior at Horizon Honors, is excited to be returning to the high school soccer team for a third year. However, Drapkin has been participating in soccer much longer than the three years he has been a part of the high school team. Josh has been playing soccer for twelve years, and has been playing for Horizon Honors since seventh grade. Throughout that time, Drapkin has played “wherever coach needs [him].” In addition to playing for the school team, Drapkin is also playing for the Ahwatukee Foothills Soccer Club.

Drapkin has also contributed to the school by creating a document that can benefit the physical education department. The document was featured at a physical education educator conference. Drapkin explained how he came up with the idea of the document. “My brother and I got tired of the old way of keeping scores and decided it was time to change. This seemed like a good way to further our PE program.” His spreadsheet keeps track of personal fitness history and helps suggest different exercises to improve your scores and become more fit, according to Drapkin. The document can be accessed by searching “fitness portfolio” in your school Google Drive account.

Both on and off the field, Josh is looking forward to a stellar year. He says that he is extremely excited for the season, because in his opinion the team has a real shot at making the playoffs. Good luck to Josh and the rest of the soccer team this season!