Six Best Gift Ideas for Under $25

If your friend or family member has a birthday coming up or you simply want to surprise them with a nice gift, this article will show you six meaningful gift ideas for under $25.

Grace Freed, Columnist

Pet Portrait Necklace

This necklace is for any loving pet owner. It is a customizable necklace that prints a picture of a family member or friend’s pet onto the necklace. On the other half of the necklace you can put the name of the pet. These necklaces are very personal and will have your family and friends in shock. They are being sold for just $20 on Etsy.

Urban Map Glass

This urban map glass is one astonishing customizable glass. The glass is going for $16 on Uncommon Goods, and is etched with a map of your chosen city. The clear glass with the white grid and city name is an outstanding combination, and will surely be a memorable gift.

Ponytail Beanie Hat

This ponytail beanie is sure to be one warm, affordable beanie. This cap is a regular beanie with a hole at the top. Family and friends who receive the gift can finally tie their hair up while wearing a beanie to keep their head nice and warm at the same time. This hat is only $13 on Amazon. It comes in a variety of colors including pink, gray, green, blue, teal, metallic, and 118 more colors to shop from!

Kids’ Name Crayon Set

For younger gift receivers, these crayons will surely make them smile. These are customizable rainbow crayons shaped into a name; the process for getting them is simple. First, order the crayons and submit the name. Once shipped, the crayons will have the gift receivers name cut out into them. This can also help young kids learn how to spell their name. The gift is $19.95 on Etsy.

Color-Coded Bakeware

This set of bakeware is very unique, each measuring spoon is a different color for better organization. It can also teach young children differences in measuring. This colorful set of measuring spoons is only $5.99 from Delish Essentials and is an ideal gift for chefs or future chefs.

100 Books Scratch off Poster

This poster lets you scratch off all the books you have bought and read. There are more than 100 varieties of books on this poster and it is an excellent gift for book readers. The poster is only $15 found from Uncommon Goods. It is more for younger children, as it includes many books for younger audiences. Even so, it’s still a great and effective way to start reading more.