Student News for Horizon Honors Secondary School

The Horizon Sun

Student News for Horizon Honors Secondary School

The Horizon Sun

Student News for Horizon Honors Secondary School

The Horizon Sun

The Final Hour

Katy Abbe, Columnist May 23, 2014

2014. I recall way back in fifth grade that that number meant nothing to me. When I took the AIMS and wrote down my year of graduation I remember thinking, Wow, that is so far away, I don’t think I’ll...

Some of the cheer team and HCLC students showing their school pride. This features seniors Shelby Pearcy, Heather Dixon, and Connor Pendleton; junior Billy Hardiman; and sophomores Destiny Lovely, Bree Lientz, and Daisy Valentin.

Finding a New Varsity Cheer Coach

Natori Cruz, Editor May 19, 2014

With upcoming tryouts for the 2013-2014 cheer searson, Horizon Honors is looking for a new high school varsity cheer coach. Athletic director, Nate Agostini is working hard to find the right coach for...

(L to R) Seventh grader Tessa Jung, freshmen Karolina Grgurovic, Krista Santacruz, sophomores Kori Klein, Wesley Jamison, junior Alexa Geidel, and seventh grader Finley Lindsey pose with the official No Place For Hate banner.  It declared Horizon Honors as a member of the national organization and the first charter school in Arizona to receive the recognition.

Beyond The Last Milestone: Finishing 2014 On A High Note

Alexa Geidel and Serge Hattasch May 19, 2014

On Wednesday May 7, the Beyond The Walls (BTW) club of Horizon Honors was presented with an official banner making it a No Place For Hate (NPFH) school.The lunch time presentation marked the next step...

Using these helpful tips, you won’t need to worry about getting scorched in the hot Arizona sun.

Staying Safe this Summer

Maggie Kenzler, Columnist May 17, 2014

As the summer rolls around and the sun begins to shine brighter, here are some helpful tips for keeping your skin safe. Use a sunscreen lotion that has an SPF of 15 or higher to prevent painful sunburns...

“Legend” is available at the Scholastic Book Fair, running from May 12 to May 15. Marie Lu published this novel in 2011.

This Book Is Legend

Kelleigh Hogan, Editor-in-Chief May 17, 2014

June Iparis, the prodigy of the Republic, has a target, and this one is personal. Although she is the only person known to have a perfect score on the mandatory testing, her antics are just as notorious...

The World of Stories and Fables

Katy Abbe, Columnist May 17, 2014

When everyone was ready to go, we gathered the supplies and made our way to the stables. Jason suggested that I ride with Arthur, as Dale wouldn’t jostle her rider as much as Clyde, and Arthur really...

Yearbook Distribution

Emily LaBatt, Columnist May 14, 2014

Throughout this school year the yearbook staff has been hard at work interviewing, photographing, and designing, all with the purpose of putting together this year's yearbook. The final product will be...

Sound of Music Senior Night

Marti Weary, Rescue Copy Editor May 13, 2014

Last Saturday brought with it the final showing of the student production of the Sound of Music. The last show of the spring production carries with it a special tradition: senior night, a public seeing-off...

Random acts of kindness can easily be incorporated into your everyday activities. Next time you bake some cookies, take some to share with a friend.

Random Acts of Kindness

Anja Asato, Editor In Chief May 13, 2014

Do one good deed a day. This classic saying is often heard, but not carried through in our daily lives. However, doing something nice for someone else really can make the world a better place. Brightening...

The Sound of Music: A Review

The Sound of Music: A Review

Addy Bennett, Editor-in-Chief May 13, 2014

Late on Saturday, May 3, senior Aubrey Chaston’s voice rang out with the final notes of a journey.  This particular journey took six months to complete, and it was a truly glorious finish to the race...

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