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Student News for Horizon Honors Secondary School

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Student News for Horizon Honors Secondary School

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There is a long history of standing up for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community.

History of LGBTQ+ Activism

Sripriya Srinivas, Columnist May 19, 2023

There are many moments in history involving minority groups that aren’t well known. One of these minority groups is the LGBTQ+ community. This community has fought for their rights and for their lives....

Paranormal Activity shows the thrill of found footage.

Found Footage Horror

Sierra Perlmutter, Columnist May 19, 2023

In 1999, hit found-footage movie “The Blair Witch Project” was released, and the horror genre has never been the same. The movie follows a group of three college filmmakers as they attempt to make...

Jack Teixeiras leaks prove a wider problem among young adults flirting with edginess.

When Trolling Goes Too Far: Jack Teixeira and the Groypers

Carsten Oyer, Editor-in-Chief May 19, 2023

On April 13, Airman Jack Teixeira was arrested by the FBI at his Massachusetts home for allegedly leaking classified Pentagon documents on the internet, writes The New York Times. Charged under the Espionage...

The upcoming FINA World Championships have the potential to be revolutionary.

Chasing Greatness: Rewriting Records at the 2023 FINA World Championships

Melissa Sayadinejad, Columnist May 19, 2023

The countdown has begun for the much-awaited 2023 FINA World Championships hosted in Fukuoka, an event that promises thrilling competitions and remarkable displays of athletic prowess. As swimmers from...

TJ is the first Filipino muppet on Sesame Street.

New Kid on the Street

Seairah Hyde, Columnist May 19, 2023

Recently, “Sesame Street” has introduced TJ, a Filipino muppet that is 4 years old and a second generation Filipino-American. He enjoys entertaining his little sister, gardening with his grandparents,...

The film industry has a history of ruining beloved series.

The Failure of Film

Claire Satiroff, Columnist May 19, 2023

Book-to-movie adaptations have a history of continuously failing to bring the book to life. Though directors are often shamed, this can happen for numerous reasons. Things such as going off the original...

The final girl trope is a common horror plot archetype.

The Final Girl Trope

Amanda Mourelo, Editor of Student Opinion and Features and Extras May 19, 2023

The term “final girl” was first introduced by author Carol J. Clover describes a woman survivor or a heroine that is young, has all her friends and family killed, and remains innocent and pure and...

Prom royalty perform their traditional dance.

Great Gatsby, Great Prom

Sripriya Srinivas, Columnist May 17, 2023

A century later, the Roaring Twenties are still an incredibly popular time period aesthetically. It is fitting, then, that this year’s prom theme would be based on a classic taking place in the 1920s,...

Title 42 has officially expired.

Title 42 Ends While the Biden Administration Ramps up Border Restrictions

Canon Grant, Political Analyst May 17, 2023

According to AZCentral, Title 42 ended May 11, 2023; it was a public health policy that restricted immigration for three years during the pandemic. Title 42 was adopted by former President Donald Trump...

Finals week causes a large spike in suicide rates.

Rising Suicide Rates During Finals Week

Roya Ghahreman, Columnist May 17, 2023

While it is not uncommon to experience varying amounts of stress throughout the average high school school year, research has shown that many students' mental health rapidly declines during finals season....

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