Danielle Moran

Danielle is a junior attending her twelfth year at Horizon Honors. As Danielle has been attending Horizon since the age of four, she has become very close to the school and the students it holds. Literally growing up with the majority of her classmates has given her everlasting friendships and the a schooling experience of a lifetime. Having tight bonds and positive relationships with the people in your life is something Danielle believes to be crucial to living happily, which is why she strives to befriend and be friendly to everyone she meets.

Although this is Danielle's first year as a columnist for the Horizon Sun, she has always found enjoyment in writing and hopes to expand her writing her abilities this year and in years to come. In addition, Danielle enjoys playing volleyball for Club One AZ and has played on Horizon's Varsity volleyball team since her freshman year. When she's not on the court, Danielle can be found singing and playing piano. When Danielle is passionate about something, she is incredibly passionate. She hopes to utilize her passion to contribute greatly to the Horizon Sun.

Danielle Moran, Columnist

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