Emily LaBatt
Emily LaBatt attended Horizon Honors in 7th grade, and now for 8th grade. She enjoys writing, and would like to improve her skills in that area. Based on these interests, she is taking Journalism 1-2 for one of her two electives. Emily would like to continue to write as she grows older, and aspires to write fictional children's stories as an adult. She feels that journalism will be an amazing experience for learning to work in a group and for developing writing skills.

Opening her own bakery is Emily's dream. She often bakes to grow her skills, and because she loves the taste of warm, flaky pastries and desserts. Her favorite baked dessert is old fashioned peach muffins. Her hobbies are writing short stories, reading fantasy novels, and sketching. Also, she swims on the Chandler Arizona Desert Dolphin synchronized swim team. She has one gold medal from a city figure meet. Emily hopes journalism will open new doors for her future aspirations.

Emily LaBatt, Columnist

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